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You have your own personal story to tell

You have your own unique story, as do each of the agents. You have your own personal story to tell, one that your prospective clients want to hear and see. The way you operate your business, where your business is currently, your career and personal goals are exactly that, personal and unique to you.

Use creative
& emotive video

with strategic social & digital media
to become THE attraction agent
list more – sell more – live more

With every video we conduct

an in-depth consultation to ensure we are creating a story people can relate to and one they will want to watch from beginning to end numerous times, and then share with their friends.


List more, sell more, rent more, live more

Our team will work with you closely to ensure the final product not only meets your expectations, but also goes well beyond. There is no idea, thought or desire for your video that cannot be achieved. Together we will help people see just why you are the best choice.

Our Process

A 2 stage in depth consultation


We go in depth into the areas that are important to you.

Things that build rapport and attract your prospective clients to you as their chosen agent.
Such as family, hobbies, sports, passions, charities, community, your “why” etc.
This will ensure an engaging and emotively produced story you will be proud of, and proud to share. And so will others in your local area.


We will create your own personal story arc,

bringing life and emotional attachment to you, your business and your entire story.
In some ways, this will be a mini-documentary about you! One that engages your prospective clients like no other medium can. Together we will create an entertaining and exciting to watch masterpiece

Our Service Process

Assistance with the scripting and how to talk confidently in front of camera.

Professional editing including special effects, to enhance your story, and mood of the video utilizing high end editing software

Full production and run sheet so the whole process is (relatively) stress free, fun and efficient for everybody involved.

Timeline will be outlined in conjunction with you and all final details will be emailed to you, 2 days prior to filming where possible.

Unique & appropriate music with light and shade throughout 90 – 150 second personal profile video at completion

Use creative & emotive video with strategic social & digital media to become THE attraction agent list more – sell more – live more